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Shannon June Salon

Shannon June Caligiuri


Have We Met?

Thank you for checking out our site. I'm Shannon, owner and operator of Shannon June Salon. I began my career in the salon industry at age 17 when I started beauty school. I went on to work as a hairstylist at a salon in Derby, NY. I worked there for 9 years before going off on my own in 2009. I moved around a few times before I decided to open our salon on the lake. My goal was always to own my own salon tho it never seemed like the right time or the right space. I took the plunge when I found this gem. I was extremely lucky to find the most amazing stylists anyone could ask for. I value them even more now since they carried me through the most challenging time of my life when I became too ill to work in October 2019, our 1 year anniversary :( After a long history of pelvic pain I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and a rare bladder disease. I was operated on twice since then but I still struggle with chronic pain. I made the decision to step back from the chair to focus on managing the salon while giving my body the break it needs. I am also a makeup artist and still take clients for airbrush and special occasion makeup. I love our salon and our guests. My goal for of the future of our salon is to give our guests the most relaxing, uplifting experience in a positive and fun environment. I hope you love Shannon June Salon as much as I do. We cant wait to meet you!

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