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Photo courtesy Laura Mieney, Salon Guest, captured the sunset

at Shannon June Salon


We are a Paul Mitchell Focus+ Salon....

   What is a Focus Salon?

what does it mean to be A PAul Mitchell Focus Salon? it means dedication. When you choose to use Paul Mitchell Products, you support a company that is focused on supporting the success of hairdressers and providing salon-quality products at an affordable price. We use Paul Mitchell exclusively in our salon. this provides us with Complementary in-house education and we take full advantage of all the training and knowledge to be gained in this ever changing industry. I are extremely proud of our Paul Mitchell Focus Salon. Not only do I have great admiration for the Product for, also for the People behind the bottle. Especially, head of John Paul Mitchell stysems, John Paul Dejoria. John Paul was Paul Mitchells business partner before losing paul to cancer in 1980. Watch the video below about the start of john Paul Mitchell systems and see for yourself why we are proud of our Focus Salon




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